Terms and Conditions

If you continue to browse and use this app, you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions of use, which together with our privacy statement of ISF Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (Herein after referred to as the “Company”) and copyright and trademark infringement govern Investment Safeguard’s relationship with you.

The use of this app is subject to the following terms and conditions of use:

  1. The Company through name and style “Investment Safeguard”, provides the database to its customer to store all the information regarding customer’s investments, bank accounts, dmat accounts, insurance and all other information as enumerated in Schedule I herein below. and also provides the services of providing such information to customer’s family members as nominated by him/her under certain emergency conditions as detailed herein below.
  2. The Company do not provide any professional advice regarding financial investments and only provides database to store the information of existing financial investments, insurance policies, or bank/D-mat accounts etc. provided by you to the Company.
  3. Investment data entered by user shall not be verified by the Company. All the data verification and authentication shall be done by the user himself/herself.
  4. I understand that, once I open an account in this application, I will receive notification every 1 or 2 or 3 months based on my setting, to which I will be required to acknowledge by login to application. I further understand that, if I fail to give a reply(acknowledge) to the Company, the Company will contact my family members as specified by me on its own.
  5. I understand that, in case of emergency, the family members as specified by me and in order of preference as selected by me will receive my investment information from the Company, as provided by me, to the Company.
  6. I have not provided any false or incorrect information to the Company, and the Company shall not be held liable or responsible for the transfer of any false or incorrect information to my family members if the said information is provided by me.
  7. The Company agree and accept that, all the information provided by me is confidential and shall not divulge such information to any person (except in the course of performing Company’s duties under this agreement and except as required under the provisions of law or rules made thereunder), provided that this clause shall not extend to information which was rightfully in the possession of such party prior to the commencement of the negotiations leading to this contract, which is already public knowledge or becomes so at a future date (otherwise than as a result of a breach of this clause).
  8. I further understand that, under the contractual and business relationship with other Companies, Legal entities or any professionals, Company may require to provide my information to such Company, Legal entity or Professional as the case may be. Under such circumstances, I will have no objection to provide any necessary information to such business partner. Under such circumstances, the Company will take necessary steps to maintain the confidentiality of such information provided by me.
  9. The Company shall take all the reasonable and necessary care to maintain the safety of your information when you enter, submit or access the app.
  10. The Company shall not be liable for any loss suffered by you through the use of the application howsoever caused, including loss caused through but not limited to our negligence, breach of contract, copyright infringement, breach of other Intellectual Property Rights or defamation.
  11. The Company shall not sell, market, trade or transfer to outside parties your any of the information. However, the Company may release your information when the release is required to comply with the law, enforce the Company policies or to protect the Company’s or other’s rights, property or safety.
  12. You must refrain from using the application in any way that causes damage to the application or in any unlawful, harmful or fraudulent manner. Any such use of this app may give rise to a claim for damages and/or criminal offence.
  13. You must respect the use of the application by other users and not interfere with their legitimate use of the app or Company’s other services.
  14. From time to time the application may include the links to other websites. These links are provided for your convenience to provide any information. They do not signify that the Company endorse the website(s). These third party sites have separate and independent privacy policies and therefore, we owe no responsibility for the content of the linked website.
  15. Although the Company will do its best to provide constant, uninterrupted access to the application, the Company do not guarantee this nor accept any responsibility or liability for any interruption in the services.
  16. Your use of this application and any dispute arising out of such use of this application is subject to the laws of India and to the exclusive jurisdiction to the Courts in Pune.
  17. Pricing Policy:
    1. Free Plan:
      1. Under this plan you are not required to pay any fees towards subscription of the investment safeguard.
      2. Kindly mention here the details i.e. what customer will get in free plan.
    2. Premium Plan:
      1. Under this plan, the subscription fees shall be Rs. 499 per year, including the taxes and other charges as applicable from time to time.
    3. The Company reserve the rights to change or amend the subscription plan from time to time.
  18. Cancellation Policy:
    1. You may cancel your registration with our Company by informing the Company through the application itself at any time subject to terms and conditions mentioned in this Policy.
    2. The Cancellation request will be processed and approved within 15 working days.
    3. On Cancellation of registration, all the data maintained by the Company with it, in respect of your funds, investments, your family members detail etc. will be deleted within 15 working days. Once data deleted will not be recover under any circumstances.
  19. Refund of subscription fees:
    1. Your Subscription is non-refundable.
    2. On cancellation of your subscription, the Subscription fees paid by you or any part thereof will not be refunded by the Company.
  20. Termination of Subscription:
    1. The Company shall lock/suspend user account, suspend subscription or terminate the services in case of any unauthorized activity in the user account.
    2. The user can also terminate the services of the Company by informing the Company through the application itself at any time subject to terms and conditions mentioned in this Policy.
    3. After termination of the user, the Company shall not preserve any data provided by you in its server, and it will be permanently deleted immediately.
  21. Automatic calls/sms for reminder acknowledgement:
    We will be using a 3rd party to reach you via call/sms, irrespective of your DND status.