How does our app work?

Want to keep a track of your investment details? Do it with Investment Safeguard. With our app, you can:

Ensure Availability of your Investments to your loved ones when they require it.

Investment Safeguard for your entire family, at the tip of your fingers. Now you can plan and secure the future of your family with just a few steps.

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Why Investment Safeguard?

What is the problem?

Just think for a moment how your loved ones will come to know that you have worked your heart out to secure their future? And even if they know about it, will they exactly remember the investments that you had made? A survey says that just 64 banks in India have a staggering Rs 11400 crore as an unclaimed amount! And as per records most of this amount is not benami. So why is this amount lying unclaimed. Is it because their actual beneficiaries are not aware of the investments that they are entitled to. If this is not sufficient, 23 insurance companies have Rs 15167 crore (link 1) unclaimed! Can you imagine that such a whopping amount is lying unclaimed with insurance companies! Organizations that are meant to provide sum insured to beneficiaries have not been able to make the payments as beneficiaries have not approached insurance companies to claim their entitlements. These numbers are of the investment types that can easily be accounted. Just imagine what the scenario could be for investments such as land, shares, gold, bank lockers, NSCs etc.,

How do we aim to solve it?

To ensure your investments do not become a part of this number, Investment Safeguard is here for you. We have developed Investment Safeguard to safeguard details of all your investments and provide these details to your beneficiaries when they will need these details the most. This app offers you a one-stop solution for keeping a record of all your investments. We have tried to recognize all the possible investment types that are currently used in the market to ensure that you can manage details of all your investments. Investment Safeguard smartly reminds you as per your preference to periodically revisit the app and update your investment details. Investment Safeguard allows you to maintain a list of family members and guarantees delivery of alerts with your investment details to your family members under unfavorable circumstances.

Why should you use Investment Safeguard?

Investment Safeguard is a reliable app designed and developed for people who really care about their loved ones. More importantly, we know that not everyone is tech savvy or always reachable. Considering this we enable you to maintain a long-list of your family members whom the app or our support team will try to reach to help your family and friends to tide over unfavorable circumstances. You can also define a preferred order in which the family members should be contacted. Investment Safeguard ensures that you don’t need to share the details of your investments with beneficiaries right away if you are not comfortable in doing so. There are atleast 1 million things that you need to be worried about while making an investment. With Investment Safeguard, reminding your loved ones about these investments will definitely not be one of them!

Remember, we DO NOT use your financial data. We just take the responsibility of sharing it with loved ones.


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Guaranteed sharing of your investment details with family members in the event of any unfortunate circumstances.


Provides periodic reminders and notifications to update your investment details and to ensure that everything is fine at your end.

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Enables you to set a preferred order of your family members

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Keeps in touch with app and calls

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One stop solution for all available investment types

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Completely ad-free application

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