Our app can help you out in two scenarios mentioned below:

Scenario 1:
Mr X has downloaded the Investment Safeguard application, saved his investment and contact details of his family members. Due to an unfortunate event, he loses his life. In such a situation, how can Mr X’s family access his investment details? Investment Safeguard is here to alleviate the worries of Mr X. We will get in touch with his family members as mentioned in the list and share the details. Thanks to this feature, Mr X’s hard-earned money won’t go waste. Additionally, the Investment Safeguard's support team will reach his family and friends to ensure that investment details are received properly and are understood by the recipients.

Scenario 2:
Mr X has bought a medical-claim, added its details in our app and also shared it with his wife. Due to an unfortunate event, he meets with an accident and is admitted in a hospital with no access to his phone. In such an emergency situation, his wife can use her login details and access the investment details of her husband. This means along with Mr X, his family members can access his details and use them in such situations.
To use the family login feature, the members need to be verified through our app. Once the family members are verified, you can choose whether to allow a verified family member to view your investment. Also, you can restrict which investment details are visible to your family member. If the family members are not verified, Investment Safeguard will follow the same process as mentioned in scenario 1 i.e. it will automatically send investment details to the members mentioned in the list.

Generally, people tend to forget where they have kept details or records at the time when they need such information the most. Nobody would want their hard-earned money to go down the drain. With Investment Safeguard, you can be assured that all the details of your investments will be properly made available in due time to your family members/friends. In addition, how diligently you can keep on updating your investment records in printouts/spreadsheets and remember to share them from time-to-time with your family and friends. With Investment Safeguard you get periodic reminders to revisit your investment records and ensure that details are up-to-date.

Absolutely! Investment Safeguard encrypts your investment data before transferring it to the application servers. So, nobody except you and your appointees (when required) have access to your investment details.

Yes, of course! The sole purpose of this app is to enable smooth access to your financial details and support your family and friends when they need that the most. For which, just the basic details of investment are required and not the amount. However, we feel that having amount/value related information will help your trusted appointees to make an informed decision by accessing the right investment as per the demand of the situation. As in the case of Mr X (example explained above), his wife and son would have been able to make a better decision by knowing the number of X’s investments.

Absolutely not! Investment Safeguard is a completely ad-free application and guarantees you that no marketing company will have any access to your personal details.

We honour your preference and decision, and we will completely wipe all your data from our servers.

You can set the reminder for:

  • Once every month
  • Once every two months
  • Once every three months
In case you fail to acknowledge our reminders more than seven times, we will contact you.

To be a reliable partner for your investment details, we have created two plans:

  1. Free
  2. In the Free plan, you can:
    • Save 3 types of investments
    • Add details for up to 1 family members
    • Get a default reminder
    • Use the app for up to 6 months
  3. Premium (Rs. 499 GST included)
  4. In the Premium plan, you can:
    • Save unlimited investment details
    • Add details of more than 1 family members
    • Set a custom reminder
    • Use the app for up to 12 months

To deactivate or delete your account, all you need to do is send us an email at support@investmentsafeguard.com. After we receive your email, and verification process your account will be deactivated or deleted within seven days.

To download user manual click here.