The unpredictability of life is what makes it worth living. Yet, the risks associated with its unpredictability make us wary of the future. Often, to reduce the risk or ensure a prosperous future for ourselves and our family, we try to secure it in the best possible way. From the financial perspective, long term as well as short term investments in various forms, serve as a safety net for us. They offer security from unknown external factors that we may face during life, as well as assure a financially safe future.

For building wealth and ensuring financial stability, individuals often opt for multiple investments. More often than not, the family members are entirely unaware of all such investments. Thus, in the event of a mishap or expiry of the individual investing, the family members unaware of the money. Hence, it remains unclaimed. Therefore, instead of serving their purpose, such investments lay unused. A recent report suggests that more than 64 Indian banks have an unclaimed amount of almost 11,400 crores.

In such a scenario, Investment Safeguard application ensures your investment details are accessible by your family especially when you are not present in their midst. Thus, serving as a reliable platform, Investment Safeguard protects your investment details while keeping your family members informed about the same. Simplifying the task of accessing all your investments with one click, let us take a look at some of the essential features of Investment Safeguard:

Storing & Accessing Investment Details – With a Click

One of the biggest concerns when managing transactions or tracking financials online on any platform is that of security. Thus, keeping this concern in mind, Investment Safeguard ensures that you can store all your investment details without restrictions or worries about safety. Robust security features encrypting the app ensure no third parties can access the app or its details in any form. Hence, you do not have to worry about hacking or data leak issues. It serves as a one-stop solution for saving and accessing investment details with one click.

Add Your Trusted Family Members to the App

The Investment Safeguard app is a single-window allowing you to add as well as manage the details of your family members for whom the investments have been made. If the need arises, they can easily access them anytime. Not just that, you can maintain the order of preference of your trusted family members. This way, you and your family can claim the investment money without having to search for the investment details every time they are needed.

Once your investment details are stored safely, the application gives you timely reminders or periodic notifications to ensure everything is fine at your end. You are free to configure the notifications as per your convenience. Also, if you choose to, you can allow your family members to log in and access your investment information. The app offers a family member login and you can select which member should have login access to the app and the investment details they can access.

How does the app work?

Using the app is simple. Once you create your account and update your profile details, you can add your trusted family members and set preferences for notifications as per your choice. You have a provision of adding up to 18 types of investments and select the visibility to verified family members.

Investment Safeguard takes care of your investment details while providing a family member’s login and timely reminders according to your convenience.

With Investment Safeguard, you can be assured of your investment details within you and your family’s reach with just a click!

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