Investment Safeguard is your reliable partner in protecting your investment details and sharing them with your family members under any unfortunate circumstances.

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Our Offerings

Investment Safeguard offers secured Platform

A secured platform to store all types of investment details

Investment Safeguard offers a one stop solution for saving details of any type of investment that is currently available in the market without any restriction on the number of investments that you can store. As our platform is stealthily secured with encryption, you won’t have to worry about losing your essential investment details.

Safeguard future of your loved ones with your investments

A single window to add and manage details of your family members for whom you have been investing. Rest assured your investment details will be accessible to them when the need arises. We know that relations come with a preference, you can maintain your preferred order of trusted family members.

Investment Safeguard will send periodic notifications

Timely reminders

Once you have stored your investment details on Investment Safeguard, we will send periodic notifications to ensure everything is fine at your end. You can configure the frequency and type of reminders that you would like to receive.

configure permissions to your family members

Provide a sneak peek to your family members

You can configure permissions so that your family members have an option to login and access your investment information, we offer a family-member login. Based on your preferences you can decide that a particular family member can access details of only a specific investment.

& Testimonials

Recommendations and Testimonials
from people engaged in
different walks of life.

Dr. Sandeep J. Kadam

In my profession, I come across many patients needing immediate medical attention. In such situations, many a times the patient's family struggles to make financial arrangements

Mrs. Vaishali Ghuge

A Housewife
I and my husband generally try to discuss before he makes an investment.

CA Swapnil Bagul

Whenever I meet my prospective clients, I observed that they do not shared details of their investments with family members because they are not comfortable about discussing financial matters at home.

Mr. & Mrs. Godbole

A retired couple
For years we have been investing in different investment options to generate wealth for ourselves and our children.

Subscription Plans


Investment 3
Liability 3
Family 1
Reminder 3
Acknowledge Default
Validity 1 Month
National SMS / Call Support 1 Month
National Family Member SMS / Call Support 1 Month
Price Free


Investment Unlimited
Liability Unlimited
Family Unlimited
Reminder Unlimited
Acknowledge Custom
Validity 12 Months
National SMS / Call Support 12 Months
National Family Member SMS / Call Support 12 Months
Price Rs.499/year


Investment Unlimited
Liability Unlimited
Family Unlimited
Reminder Unlimited
Acknowledge Custom
Validity 12 Months
International SMS / Call Support 12 Months
International Family Member SMS / Call Support 12 Months
Price Rs.1499/year


Our app can help you out in two scenarios mentioned below:

Scenario 1:
Mr X has downloaded the Investment Safeguard application, saved his investment and contact details of his family members. Due to an unfortunate event, he loses his life. In such a situation, how can Mr X’s family access his investment details? Investment Safeguard is here to alleviate the worries of Mr X. We will get in touch with his family members as mentioned in the list and share the details. Thanks to this feature, Mr X’s hard-earned money won’t go waste. Additionally, the Investment Safeguard's support team will reach his family and friends to ensure that investment details are received properly and are understood by the recipients.

Scenario 2:
Mr X has bought a medical-claim, added its details in our app and also shared it with his wife. Due to an unfortunate event, he meets with an accident and is admitted in a hospital with no access to his phone. In such an emergency situation, his wife can use her login details and access the investment details of her husband. This means along with Mr X, his family members can access his details and use them in such situations.
To use the family login feature, the members need to be verified through our app. Once the family members are verified, you can choose whether to allow a verified family member to view your investment. Also, you can restrict which investment details are visible to your family member. If the family members are not verified, Investment Safeguard will follow the same process as mentioned in scenario 1 i.e. it will automatically send investment details to the members mentioned in the list.

Generally, people tend to forget where they have kept details or records at the time when they need such information the most. Nobody would want their hard-earned money to go down the drain. With Investment Safeguard, you can be assured that all the details of your investments will be properly made available in due time to your family members/friends. In addition, how diligently you can keep on updating your investment records in printouts/spreadsheets and remember to share them from time-to-time with your family and friends. With Investment Safeguard you get periodic reminders to revisit your investment records and ensure that details are up-to-date.

Absolutely! Investment Safeguard encrypts your investment data before transferring it to the application servers. So, nobody except you and your appointees (when required) have access to your investment details.

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